Rules & Info


Rosters for World Tournaments must be posted on-line at one week prior to the event or earlier and players names must match legal photo ID!

Teams must register annualy here at this link (Click Me) once you are registered  as manager you can create your team/teams. Annual $35 reg fee is non refundable


All Players must have legal photo ID on them at all times!

All teams and players be prepared for ID checks and be legal! We don’t accept any cheating.

*Some Specialty events will have special rules check with the Tournament Director of event entered - Memorial events- Midnight Madness, Las Vegas Worlds, Toys-4Tots etc.

*All Teams must pay any balance owed along with signed on-line roster/waiver before taking the field

World Series  and Special events may require payment in advance - 1st to Pay = 1st to Play

*No smoking in dugout area’s or on the field / No alcohol allowed inside park complex

*No loud or vulgar music allowed / No sunflower seeds

Team Matrix: Men's - Women's - Coed

We will use the current years usssa roster to determine what a player is ranked with us. Example - If you have players on a C roster they will be C for our events etc. If they are not on a usssa roster this year we will revert to the previous years. If playing in Men's Division we will use highest Men's usssa roster to detrmine player ranking for AWS, If Playing COED/Mixed we will Use highest usssa COED/Mixed roster, If Playing in Women's Division we will use highest Women's usssa roster to determine ranking for AWS etc.

Teams and players may petition for reclass at anytime

(must be done by email to  For Dec LV Worlds in December must be done by November 5th ( Also for December Worlds Team/ players rankings will go by what teams started the season at level/division wise)

REC Teams

Men's Rec Teams can have 3 E level Tournament Players Max!

COED Rec Teams can have total of 3 D Womens Max or mix-match E Men's and D womens up to 3 Max!

Womens Rec Teams can have 3 D level womens Tournament Players Max!

Men's 3 E / COED 3 D Womens or E Men's Tournament players or a Combination of Men's E and Women's D up to 3 Max! 

E = 3 d player max (no C or higher ranked players)

D = 3 c players max (no B or higher ranked players)

Open = Open rosters ok (no player restrictions)

Run Spotting: When applicable- (We do not Runspot or mix divisons at World Events)

E vs. D vs. C etc: When lower level team plays higher ranked team homerun rule will be leveled

Run spot - 6 runs per division or if you play a team 2 or more divisions higher the spot will be 10

most events we will not combine divisions - if we do combine divisions and have more then 1 upper level team they will play a separate playoff/championship game. 


REC  = 1

E = 2

D = 4

C = 6

Open = 8


Run / Mercy Rule: 15 runs after 4 / 10 runs after 5 (We do use Flip Flop Rule for non pool play games )

Standard Game Times: 55 minutes – Championship game is 65 minutes

Special events will may have longer or shorter game times check with TD or event website/page.


Home team and umpire are responsible for keeping score

1 courtesy runner per inning (NOT Gender) (women must run for women and men for men in the COED division

Teams can bat up to 12 players

Coed (5-5) teams can play more women than men - up to 10 / Women will hit the small ball

Balls: We will supply 3-4 balls per teams per tournament- Teams must throw in a ball when your team is up to bat (No higher then 44/375 or lower spec balls) or purchase from us $4 each or $5 for 40 & Over balls.

(Must Write Team name on your own balls.

Bat Rule: must have new USSSA stamp with thumb print (No senior, baseball or fastpitch bats)

Pitching Rule: Pitchers have 5 seconds to release after presenting

May pitch from up to 6 feet behind the rubber, but must come set before release

1-1 count with no extra fouls; strike zone will be used. Height 4-10 ft/pumping ok

Pitcher must wear protective mask

Walk Rule: Men’s-one base /COED-Men two bases, Women one base

When walking a male, women have option to walk every time (no stealing)

Shorthanded Rule: All Teams must have 8 to start

To add a player, they must arrive before their turn in the lineup and be on roster. If you have to play shorthanded, no automatic out will be given

No Team Jumping at same tournament:

Men can play on only 1 Men’s team (Open,D or E) and 1 Coed team (Open,D or E) can also play 40’s

Women can play on only 1 Women’s team and 1 Coed team (Open,D or E)

Illegal players will be ejected from the tournament, game will be forfeited, and the team in question may also be kicked out of entire tournament!

Roster Protest: $100 cash and must be done before the game ends

(must provide viable info – not just waste time)

Dugout Rule:

All players must stay in dugout or out of play area 1 on deck hitter

No Alcohol or smoking of any kind in the dugout or field of play

Poor Sportsmanship will not be allowed!

NO F Bombs

NO Throwing the Bat

NO Taunting

NO Boom Boxes or loud or vulgar music inside the parks

All game times be prepared to start 15 minutes early!

*If disputes or problems arise: Only managers can talk to umpires or director. If manager is unsure on a ruling from umpire find the on –site TD immediately~! don’t wait until the game ends

Deposits: For special events a deposit may be requited, before you are guaranteed a spot in our tournament- These deposits are Non-Refundable-(Exception -we dont get you in the event or we agree to refund you if applicable)


Parks Rules:

No dogs at most parks - some parks may allow dogs on a leash (check with park) / No scooters /No bikes /No skateboards/No alcohol/No Smoking of anykind

No glass containers/No sunflower seeds/No loud vulgar music

Rain-Out Policy

• 1 or 2 games played: Divided the entry fee by minimum # of games played.

• Credit amount is the games remaining. Example, for a $400 4GG tournament where only one game is played, the team would be entitled to a $300 future credit.

(Each tournament is different depending on cost of event)

• If the game guarantee is met: No Credit or refund.

• Once a game starts it is considered to be a game played.

• Credit is only good for tournaments run by the same director group and will expire if not used within 2 full years of original entry date

*All teams agree to our rules upon entering our tournaments:

Men’s 40 & Over Rules / Guidelines

Senior Softball / USSSA player rankings will be used.

Teams and players may petition for reclass at anytime (must be done by email to

3 Major Plus players max allowed on a Major team roster

3 Major Players max allowed on AAA team roster (no Major plus players, conference or B or higher ranked players)

If more than 1 team in Major Plus in the event they will be seeded into their own championship /playoff bracket.

Any Conference Players in USSSA program may not play below the Major Plus division without counting as a Major Plus player and can't play AAA. 

AAA vs. Major vs. Major Plus: Major vs. Major Plus = Major team will get, 1 run per inning if they score less than 5 runs in an inning / AAA vs. Major Plus AAA team will get, 11 defenders and 1 run per inning if they score less than 5 runs in an inning. / AAA vs. Major team AAA team will get, 1 run per inning if they score less than 5 runs in an inning. When lower level team plays higher ranked team Homerun rule will be 9

Pitching height will be 6 to 12 feet from the ground. 1-1 count (no extra foul)

Face mask for pitcher’s is mandatory

Courtesy Runners: 2 per inning max-anyone on roster

Sliding: No sliding at 1b or Homeplate area

Bats: Any slowpitch bat (no baseball or fastpitch bats allowed)

Balls: we will supply 4 balls per event/per team after that teams must supply your own-Dudly Advance ball. We will have extra’s for sale for $5 (Write Team Name on Your Balls )

 Homeruns: AAA = 8 Major and Major Plus = 10 (AAA vs. higher level team = 9)

 Game times not counting specialty events (check with director for each event)

 50 Minutes then open inning.

Dugout Rule:

All players must stay in dugout or out of play area 1 on deck hitter

No Alcohol or smoking of any kind in the dugout or field of play

Special Events:

Midnight Madness,Las Vegas Worlds,AWS World events and Specialty Tournaments may require a deposit and they are non refundable up front to play.



*All teams agree to our rules upon entering our tournaments:

 Northern California Slow-Pitch
Tournament Withdrawal Procedures

USSSA • NSA • ASA • All World Sports

Should your team withdraw for any reason from any Northern California sports association's tournament once the team has been entered, the cancellation/withdrawal must occur prior to the tournament being “SOLD OUT” or prior to the brackets/game times being posted on the association's Northern California website or no later than 6 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to the tournament. 

Furthermore, an email sent or voice mail left, must be confirmed by the respective tournament director.  Until the director responds to and/or confirms your cancellation, your team is still in the tournament.     

Should your team cancel after the specifications listed above, your team is still responsible for the entire entry fee of said tournament unless a replacement team can be found. There will be a $50 charge to all teams dropping even though a replacement team was found. If no replacement team can be found the team is responsible for the entire entry fee.

  Unpaid entry fees will result in the team and each individual player being placed on all Northern California associations’ Suspended Lists until payment is made in full.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation by notifying all tournament directors well in advance should your team withdraw from a tournament.  Thanks for playing with all our Northern California sports associations. 


In the case of State, Regional, National, NIT, Midnight Madness, and/or World events, brackets may be drawn up to two (3) weeks in advance.  In situations such as these specialty events, team withdrawals must occur prior to entry deadline or completion of brackets.

*All teams agree to our rules and policies upon entering our tournaments: