Game Times & Info

Manteca Northgate Feb.17-18 Game times Rules and info 


Nice Prizes -  BBQ Area - It's Cold but warm up and have some fun!

1 HR per Inning / 1 CR per Inning / 15 after 4 / 10 after 5 / 55min Game times 

Be prepared to play 15mins before game time / We supply 3 balls per team once your team has checked-in and paid

Pitchers must wear Protective Face Mask - Pitchers have 6 feet behind the Rubber

1 Day Tournaments = Men's on Saturday with COED on Sunday

Gate Fee = yes- $275 NIT is cheapest in Town 3gg elimination bracket if 6 or more teams

Top Teams get $25 per team entered in your division to be used for any of our World Series or Midnight Madness events

All teams must check in, turn in roster and entry fee before you play CA$H Only