Game Times & Info

TOYS-4-Tots @ Twin-Creeks

Teams Listed below will start Friday play 2 games and finish Saturday ( with later starts on Saturday / all other Men's E & Rec Teams will start earlier Sat and Finsh Saturday 

Men's E & Rec Saturday Starts- (Game Times will be posted by Wed Dec 13)

Alll Teams Be Prepared for late hours and read all info at the  Event Page "CLICK ME" 

Men's D/ Men's Open & Women's Rec is Saturday on December 16th (Game Times will be posted by Wed Dec 13)

40 & Overs is Saturday & Sunday  December 16/17 ( Game Times will be posted by Wednesday Dec 13)

COED Open,E & Rec is Sunday Only December 17th (Games Times will be posted by Thursday Dec 14th)

Friday Teams Start Time 1st Game  2nd game  
Men's E      
B.I.G 7pm 8pm  
BangBros 7pm 9pm  
Bottom of the Fifth 7pm 8pm  
Conradicals 7pm 9pm  
Hella SoCal 7pm 8pm  
Roast Beast 7pm 9pm  
Dying Breed 7pm 9pm  
E-Lifers 7pm 9pm  
FILTHY 7pm 9pm  
Fireballz 7pm 9pm  
FTP 7pm 9pm  
Goat Rodeo 7pm 9pm  
Gorillaz 7pm 9pm  
HighLife 7pm 9pm  
HNIC 7pm 10pm  
Kekambas 7pm 10pm  
Komac Electric 7pm 10pm  
Mambo Kings 7pm 10pm  
MCP 7pm 10pm  
MCS 7pm 10pm  
Melee 8pm 9pm  
OCG 8pm 9pm  
On Tap 8pm 9pm  
Opa Farms 8pm 10pm  
Outkasts 8pm 10pm  
Problemas 8pm 10pm  
TEAM NEALE 8pm 10pm  
Team Stak'd 8pm 10pm  
Top Shelf 8pm 10pm  
Who Ya Wit 8pm 10pm  
Wild 'N Out 8pm 10pm  
Men's Rec      
All Hype 8pm 9pm  
BBD - SW PTG 8pm 10pm  
BTC 8pm 9pm  
Hittin Bombs n Kissin Moms 8pm 10pm  
JAT jive ass turkey 8pm 9pm  
MadTown 8pm 10pm  
Strangers 9pm 10pm  
The Other Guys 9pm 10pm  
Unity Ghost Doggs 9pm 10pm  

* Log into Manger account and Fill out roster, print when ready, have players sign it and turn in before you play along with any entry fee/reg fee owed in cash.

*Need help logging in and adding roster email

* Read all info at the T4T Event Page "CLICK ME"  (Saturday Teams If you cant make it call us asap We have Wait List for Men's 916-919-5968)


Men’s E Saturday Starts  Start Time
CBK 8am
Cc-Kalifornia Krew 8am
Cheapo's/Dutchmans 8am
Heavy Hitters 8am
Hellafornia 8am
Knee Deep Brewing Co. 9am
Up In Those - Flores 8am
Trump Tight 8am
Unknown - Diablo Solar 8am
Cut Throat 8am
Midnight at Burnies 8am
Nor Cal Harvesting/DJ Trucking 8am
Let's Bang 8am
Men’s Rec Saturday Starts   Start Times
Wreckless Mafia 9am
Money Shot 9am
RIP 9am
S.W.S 9am
Big Dawg Softball 10am
Cc-Victorious Secret 10am
Electric Avenue 10am
Haystack 10am
Hit It Don't Quit It 10am
Hitmen 10am
Ballz Out 11am
AGL Collective 11am


Women's Rec Saturday   Start Times 
Wahines - Fremont, CA 9am
Blitzen's Vixens - Richmond, CA 10am
Country Club Villa - San Jose, CA 11am
cc-Sweet Attitude - MOUNTAIN HOUSE, CA 11am
Social Hour - San Jose, CA noon
Down N Dirty - Santa Cruz, CA noon
Men's Open Saturday   Start Times 
Diamond Addiction 1pm
Cheap Suits II/ Deaf and Dope 1pm
Shaved Great Danes  2pm
SNAP'D 2pm
Cheap Suites /eam Miken 3pm
Men's D Sasturday  Start Times
HMR/Highmark Roofing Inc.  1pm
Talamo Foods/RJR Products 1pm
OOS Sports 2pm
Diamond Cutterz 2pm
RKO  2pm
small town guys  2pm


40 & Over  Saturday Start Times
Cali Gold B 8am
SUC 8am
Goodfellas 8am
Bringng"The Pain 8am
Universal 915am
Quaketown 915am
KM Sportz 915am
LCW/Crush 50's 915am
Cali 40 Gold 1030am
Fame 40z 1030am
DTA/KJE 1030am
CPC 1030am
LCW 40's 1145am
GetBusy 1145am

* 40 & Over Event is Saturday Sunday

*Men's E / Men's Rec / Men's Open /Women's Rec  Divisions finish late Saturday

*COED starts and Finishes Late Sunday